Etaluma imagers

By no means does 'small' mean small on the performance end. Etaluma, Esperanto for little light, shines a great light into the old inverted scope market and with its size, portability and price point, makes waves into an already exciting market place! The Lumascope line starts with simple brightfield imaging solutions moving up to their flagship Lumascope 600 which boasts 3 fluorescent channels in addition to brightfield and optional phase contrast! Whether its compound images, timelapse imaging or live imaging with up to 27 frames per second, this sensitive cmos imager rises to the occasion pulling crisp accurate images for a mere fraction of the price of the traditional products in the inverted scope arena. Its size and weight make it a clear contender for field studies based science and work within a confined space, like an incubator  With 3 units of increasing complexity already on the market with a number of accessories, this little California based innovator will continue to amaze with new products to be launched in 2014 and 2015. And yes, its made in the USA!